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The secret to marine coatings' survival at sea

The resilient coating that keeps boats clean year round

One of the biggest challenges for a mariner is keeping their boat clean. Exposed to the beating sun and corrosive saltwater all year, boats need to be resilient to the most challenging of environments. More than that, they have to be able to shrug off the knocks a boat can endure, from heavy gear being dragged across the decks to years of footsteps stomping from bow to stern. To do this, marine coatings need to be able to be resilient and able to hold their colour; something that titanium dioxide helps them with.

A coating to resist the elements

Titanium dioxide in paints has a number of brilliant qualities which make it perfectly suited for marine coatings. Firstly, titanium dioxide white pigment is essential to having bright colours. This is actually very important on boats, where being brightly coloured makes you more visible at sea and prevents accidents! The coating is also scratch resistant, very important if you’re moving anchors around or fishing. Beyond that, boats are increasingly being made with plastic parts. These often incorporate titanium dioxide directly into the materials to give them colour and increase their durability.

Just scratching the surface

The above uses for titanium dioxide are just the beginning of its uses on boats. One issue for boats from pleasure craft to cruise ships is the build-up of weeds on the bottom of the boat. New uses of titanium dioxide exploit the way it interacts with the sun to halt the growth of plants, presenting it as an alternative to other forms of antifouling. This is important not just because boats without growth look better, they’re also much more efficient at going through the water – reducing fuel consumption and emissions from marine transport.

Titanium dioxide is an extremely useful component of any marine coating. Next time you’re by the sea and see white boats bobbing in the water be sure to think about the brilliant substances that keep them in pristine condition!


The amazing chemical that makes floors fantastic

We often don’t pay too much attention to the ground we’re walking on, be it your carpets at home or the coated surface at your local sports hall. However, making sure that your floors are long lasting and the right colour takes a lot of thought and one special ingredient.  

Foot traffic

There are any number of reasons that floors needs a bright, resilient coating. For one, sports halls need the markings for indoor football pitches and basketball courts, to name a few, to stay clear despite years of use. In shops and other big buildings floor markings can guide people to where they need to go. One very important use is in factories, where light coloured floors are used to show up any spilled liquids, such as oil, which could cause someone to slip and injure themselves.  Playing its part in all of this is one amazing chemical – titanium dioxide

Strong and bright

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is used in many of the floor coatings you see every day. First and foremost, this is because it can give a bright white colour, and it can bring out the brightness in other colours. But it is also because it is a resilient chemical, which can last for a long time even when people walk across it every day, and it is exposed to the sun.  Finally, it is good at masking uneven surfaces, giving a smooth finish to floors to leave them looking great.


However, it’s not just coated floors that you find TiO2 in. It’s also present in carpets, where it’s used as a white colourant on its own to achieve the brightest white or in mixtures with other colourants to produce brighter colours and a multitude of colourshades.  Not only it’s colouristic properties are appreciated however, also the fact that TiO2 is  long lasting adds to its value . It is also present in the floor tiles in your bathroom, where it gives the ceramic its bright white colour!

Altogether, one substance can make all the difference, keeping the surfaces we walk on bright for years at a time. So next time you’re out, take a look down and think about all the work that puts a floor beneath your feet!

The real star of the red carpet is a chemical

With the Oscars coming up, many eyes will be focused on the red carpet looks of the world’s top celebrities. Hollywood stars will be out to impress, wearing styles from designers hoping to become as famous as the stars they dress. But how much do you know about what goes into making those looks possible?

Make a splash

Alongside news of who won what, the hottest topic after an awards ceremony is often who wore what? The iconic style of stars from Grace Kelly to Angeline Jolie can send ripples through the fashion world, leaving fans trying to put together a similar look – if on a smaller budget. On the other hand, misjudged outfits (the (in)famous Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake denim tuxedo and gown look comes to mind) can send ripples of plain confusion. 

Never out of style

One of the first decisions made when creating an outfit is the materials used. The colour and texture will have a huge impact on what the final product will look like, and so it’s vital to make the right decision. One chemical can help dresses and tuxedos look their best, titanium dioxide. It’s used as in many dyes to bring out colours, making sure the cameras can capture your style. It also is used to reduce the shine (de-lustre) of textiles, giving a high class and high fashion look.

Makeup magic

The other job that titanium dioxide has on the red carpet is to ensure stars’ makeup is perfect. It’s used widely in cosmetics because it helps give a smooth and even look. It’s also not going to affect your skin – it’s practically unknown for people to have negative reactions to it. Finally, it has the added balance of giving very little lustre, meaning the cameras’ flash won’t give stars a shiny forehead!

The red carpet look is essential for any Hollywood star – or wannabe superstar. It is essential that every element of their outfit is working together to give them the best style, and titanium dioxide is a key part of making that happen. 

The Chemical that Helps Fix Up Your House

Doing your own home maintenance isn’t just a way to save money on expensive plumbers, painters and electricians, it’s a hobby enjoyed by many of us who like making our house our castle. Getting the house just so is made possible by the tools we use, and the materials employed.

Fixer Upper

It’s fair to say that for many of us, a home is never truly finished. Much like painting the Golden Gate Bridge, once the end is reached, the process starts over at the beginning. Be it painting the living room or retiling the bathroom, there’s always a project on the back of our mind. In many ways, a home is a reflection of who we are and the styles we like.

Renovation and Reinvention

With that in mind, using the right materials to get the right look is essential. The colours have to be smooth and rich, but also long lasting and resilient to the wear and tear of everyday life. We want wallpaper and tiles to stay fixed to the wall. We also need the mends we make to the plumbing in our homes to stay mended. Did you know titanium dioxide (TiO2) can play a key role in all this?

Special Substance

Titanium dioxide helps keep the colours of the paints you use rich and even. Because it’s very opaque you don’t need much of it, and it’s resilient so it lasts a long time. This all means you save money and energy when you use TiO2 based paints.  It also gives wallpapers their colours, and is integral to many of the adhesives we use to stick them, and our bathroom tiles, to the walls. Finally, it’s used as a white pigment to give sealants a better look, improving the finish on the repairs we make to our house.

All in all, titanium dioxide is the DIY lover’s best friend, playing a key part in many of the jobs we decide to take on ourselves. And, when you  are faced with a problem you can’t solve, or decide to let a professional take something on just the once, you’ll likely find it in the tools and materials they use too!

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