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The real star of the red carpet is a chemical

With the Oscars coming up, many eyes will be focused on the red carpet looks of the world’s top celebrities. Hollywood stars will be out to impress, wearing styles from designers hoping to become as famous as the stars they dress. But how much do you know about what goes into making those looks possible?

Make a splash

Alongside news of who won what, the hottest topic after an awards ceremony is often who wore what? The iconic style of stars from Grace Kelly to Angeline Jolie can send ripples through the fashion world, leaving fans trying to put together a similar look – if on a smaller budget. On the other hand, misjudged outfits (the (in)famous Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake denim tuxedo and gown look comes to mind) can send ripples of plain confusion. 

Never out of style

One of the first decisions made when creating an outfit is the materials used. The colour and texture will have a huge impact on what the final product will look like, and so it’s vital to make the right decision. One chemical can help dresses and tuxedos look their best, titanium dioxide. It’s used as in many dyes to bring out colours, making sure the cameras can capture your style. It also is used to reduce the shine (de-lustre) of textiles, giving a high class and high fashion look.

Makeup magic

The other job that titanium dioxide has on the red carpet is to ensure stars’ makeup is perfect. It’s used widely in cosmetics because it helps give a smooth and even look. It’s also not going to affect your skin – it’s practically unknown for people to have negative reactions to it. Finally, it has the added balance of giving very little lustre, meaning the cameras’ flash won’t give stars a shiny forehead!

The red carpet look is essential for any Hollywood star – or wannabe superstar. It is essential that every element of their outfit is working together to give them the best style, and titanium dioxide is a key part of making that happen. 

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