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The key to safe medicines

Modern medicines come in many shapes, sizes and, crucially, colours. We all know that a lot of time, effort and resources  goes into developing any new medicines, but did you know that as much thought can go into how they look?

Increasingly important

As Europe’s population gets older and people live longer, more and more of us are using a variety of medicines every day to keep us healthy and well. Medicines have improved the living conditions of millions, if not billions, of people around the world. It’s no surprise then, that nearly half of adults take daily medications in the UK, for example.

Colour is key

However, with people taking a range of medications every day, one key concern for pharmaceutical manufacturers is ensuring that they take them safely and correctly. Mixing up medications can have some unforeseen, and unwanted, consequences, and so it is essential that their tablets are clearly distinguishable, even if they are out of their packaging. One way of doing this is making them different shapes, but a key way of making tablets stand out is making them different colours. To do this, pharmaceutical companies often turn to one ingredient – titanium dioxide.

A healthy distinction

Titanium dioxide is known for its use as a white pigment. However, it is used in a wide range of pharmaceuticals because it can brighten almost any colour, and give an even clear pigmentation. Furthermore, it does not affect how well the other ingredients in pharmaceuticals work, and numerous scientific studies have found it safe for consumption.

All of this makes titanium dioxide uniquely suitable for making sure that you and those around you don’t mix up the tablets that keep you healthy. Furthermore, you’ll also find titanium dioxide in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, where it prevents UV light from interfering with light-sensitive medicines. A true medical marvel!

How much do you know about the ingredient that shapes the start of your day?

We all have our morning routines, the way we prepare to start the day fresh faced and ready for whatever life throws at us. But did you know that in many of the products you use, titanium dioxide is used for its brilliant properties?

Brushing your teeth

Titanium dioxide has long been used in toothpastes because of its dazzling white colour, and due to the fact that it is very safe. As it is a natural and stable substance, it works really well with the other ingredients in your toothpaste, leaving your teeth bright and shining!

Applying your make up

Many cosmetics use titanium dioxide due to its colourful properties. However, they also use it because titanium dioxide doesn’t irritate your skin. Instead of getting under the upper layers of your skin and causing irritation, titanium dioxide has the perfect particle size to stay on top and leave you looking great!

Skincare Addiction

Moisturising is the key to a fresh look when you leave the house. Did you know many face creams use titanium dioxide for its incredible ability to protect your skin? Not only does it compliment moisturisers, its ability to reflect UV rays makes it essential if you are out in the sun. These harmful rays can cause serious long-term issues like skin cancer, but titanium dioxide is the key to protecting your skin and your health!

Titanium dioxide has long been used widely in many of the goods that we encounter from dawn to dusk. Our morning routines may be just the start of our day, but the products and cosmetics we use can form the basis not just for a great day, but a happy and healthy life.  

A superhero that destroys pollution

With cities becoming more numerous and bigger – we actually talk about megacities now – traffic and congestion have become one of the nightmares of modern-day living. And they are not only a painful experience in themselves, they are also damaging to our health and wellbeing.

How to solve this? Some of us take the bike of course, but what if there was a way to make this pollution less harmful? That is what some scientists have been trying to do by creating a paint that cleans the air.

Basically, it acts like a filter: you put polluted air on it, cleaner air comes out of it. If you have ever used an air purifier in your room, you will know exactly what a difference such a type of air purification can do to your comfort and your health.

How does it work? By painting buildings with coatings that include a chemical called titanium dioxide! This special chemical reacts at the contact of light to actively break down pollutants and transform them into new, less harmful elements, like water. In sum: it breaks down the pollutants in the air and makes clean air out of it. That’s probably about as close as you can get to being a superhero if you are a chemical. 

3 reasons why titanium dioxide is the coolest cosmetics in your cupboard

Titanium dioxide is used in all kinds of products. From sun cream to sweets, it helps to make the things which you need and love.

But did you know that it is the super-cosmetic product of the XXIst century?

Here’s why:

1 – It is natural

Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring substance, which has been used as a pigment since ancient times. Nowadays it is made from a natural mineral which is then processed to remove impurities. It is so common that it’s even recognised as one of the world’s most used pigments.

2 – It helps resist the effects of sun induced skin ageing

Everybody loves holidays and with titanium dioxide, you can feel like you are on holiday every day. The substance that is a pigment in your cosmetics is also the key ingredient in sunscreen. 

This means that not only does titanium dioxide help you to look even more beautiful, it protects your skin, so you can keep on looking beautiful, for longer.

3 – It respects your skin

Because everybody deserves respect.

The reason titanium dioxide is so widely used in cosmetics is because it has been consistently recognised as respecting skin: it does not irritate the skin, it’s as simple as that.

This is due to the fact it doesn’t penetrate the skin, leaving it calm and smooth.

Understated and respectful, titanium dioxide ensures make-up does what it should – letting your beauty shine through.

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