Brilliant White


Making your dishes sparkle

From fine dining to your kitchen crockery, white plates are a staple of the modern kitchen. Modern dishware is expect to be long lasting and resilient, and so draws on a variety of substances to ensure durability. How much do you know about the plates in your cupboard?

Not just for looks

We’re all accustomed to serving and being served with food on white plates. It certainly can make dishes look better, contrasting the rich colours of the food. That is not all that white plates can do however, some studies even say that being served food on a white dish can make it taste better. Research carried out in Canada found that when a cheesecake was served on a white round plate, testers thought it tasted much better than if served on black square plates!

Ready to serve

The plates in your kitchen don’t just have to look good. They need to resist years of use; being scratched with cutlery, heated in the oven and washed in the dishwasher. This requires some sturdy ingredients, luckily titanium dioxide (TiO­2) fits the bill! TiO2 is a white pigment able survive all of the above and more, all without losing its colour. This makes it the ideal pigment for use in dishes, especially as it’s completely safe to use with food. And that is not the only place in your house you’ll find TiO­2.

Household helper

All around your house you may find the kind of ceramics and enamels that use TiO­2. In your hot water tank for example, you need a ceramic which does not conduct heat too easily, doesn’t stain and is perfectly safe to use with water. TiO2 is perfect for all these things. It is perfect too on stovetops, where its resistance to discolouration even under heat is essential.

Titanium dioxide is an amazingly versatile substance which can be used in a wide range of applications around your house and beyond. Its qualities and characteristics make it the perfect ingredient to a meal that doesn’t just look great, but can taste even better! 

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