Brilliant White


Why are plastic bags white?

Ever wondered why most plastic bags are white?

That’s because the strongest component of plastics, the one that makes them resistant to the attacks of sunlight and can help make them stronger to carry your groceries, just happens to be a white pigment. Who would have thought that a tiny white particle could do so much?

It’s quite obvious that not all plastics are good. Littering of plastic is a real problem to the environment and we should all limit our consumption of plastic bags. However, it’s not all bad news. Thanks to years of development, plastic products are catching up with the 21st century.  They are packed with innovations to help reduce waste by increasing their lifetime and making recycling easier. For example, the pigment we just mentioned protects plastic bags from degrading from sunlight, making it last longer so it can be reused. It protects plastics from UV light and helps making them more resistant to carry your groceries.

For that reason, titanium dioxide is in a wide range of plastic goods, including outdoor plastic products such as plastic windows and doors, various building materials used for outdoor equipment and the plastic parts of your car. It helps increase durability and facilitates recyclability, both of which are a must in this day and age.

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