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The secret ingredient to a great Easter

As winter leaves us and spring arrives, we all are looking forward to warmer weather and longer days. The countryside is filled with baby animals, people are planning their summers and coats are left behind in the mornings. The one holiday that really marks the season is just around the corner, Easter!

New beginnings

All over the world, Easter traditions feature eggs, themselves a symbol of new life and new beginning. Perhaps the most spectacular Easter eggs ever were those made for the family of the Russian Tsars by the jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé. Renowned for their craftsmanship and intricacy, they are as rare as they are beautiful. While we may not give such extravagant gifts, many of us exchange hand painted, or chocolate eggs with our loved ones. However, did you know that one substance is essential to making Easter bright?

Candy king

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is used widely in confectionary because of its remarkable properties. TiO2 is used in many applications to give bright and even colours. For this reason too it is used in sweets like the ones you might give alongside Easter eggs, where it is labelled E171. More than that, it is also used in the dyes with which we paint and decorate eggs. Here, it means you don’t need a thick layer of paint to get a consistent and strong colour when decorating.

Safe for sweets

Titanium dioxide is one of the most widely used food additives, because of its amazing ability to brighten colours and enhance their texture and shine. As such, it has been subject to decades of studies to prove its safety, including most recently by the EU. All of this means that you can enjoy your Easter without worry!

With warmer days ahead, we hope you have a great Easter, and that you spare a thought for the amazing chemical that brings out the brightness in the holiday!

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